Saturday, April 14, 2018

Homophonic Translation Tanka on a Saturday afternoon in Mulhouse

Homophonic translation

Based on the WIKI post regarding Tanka--including this Tanka by Ishikawa Takuboku, I paused to do a sort of homophonic translation of what the roman script transcription of the original poem might perhaps sound like if I also sought out the  5-7-5-7-7 syllabic count for the new homophonic translation poem. Just having a bit of a play pause on this Saturday afternoon... 
Originals (taken off Wikipedia's Tanka page):
東海の Tōkai no
小島の磯の kojima no iso no
白砂に shirasuna ni
われ泣きぬれて ware naki nurete
蟹とたわむる kani to tawamuru
On the white sand
Of the beach of a small island
In the Eastern Sea.
I, my face streaked with tears,
Am playing with a crab

—Ishikawa Takuboku
Homophonic translation 

Tool oil hook keeling
Coy pajama no isle o no
Chirashi sauna
Wear naked inuit I
Cantic-ool to warmer you

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