Sunday, August 23, 2009

Being found: Poets & Writers online

My personal profile just went up online and Poets & Writers. Most of you know this info, but still, here is the link in case you are interested:

I must say, it is exciting to be on the Poets & Writers' online listing of authors, mostly because I love flipping through their catalogue and discovering new people to read, even new presses via listings of who has published what where.

Poets & Writers runs an invaluable series of services for authors, for example both their print and online version of calls for work from publishers and lit mags. This lisintg is varied, and constantly changing. They are also great at informing those interested about what's new online and in print via their email lisitng, which you can sign up for.

Of all the magazines dedicated to info on publishing, Poets & Writers have consistently been the least markety and with an attitude of marketeering, and thus the most valuable for really discovering genuine places one wants to look at work in (new mags, even new authors when they run features on different poets).

What can I say, that is my personal plug for them. If you are interested in subscribing, they of course would adore that support from readers and writers alike. Click HERE for gift subscription info, because perhaps you want to give one of your favorite author friends a subscription to keep them in the P&W loop.

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