Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Artseen VII and VIII articles

Been remiss with the blogging, but my 2 most recent artseen articles have gone up at Richard Nahem's Eyepreferparis blog, today's about Maryanne Pollock's work which I saw while visiting Grace Teshima's (publicity image from that show at the left here), and last month's text about Boris Achour.

Here are their direct links: or just click the title Artseen VIII Maryanne Pollock chez Grace.

For last month's article on Boris Achour: or, again, access it by clicking on the title Artseen VII: Boris Achour.

Many things have yet to be blogged since the PhD defense, but that is mostly because I have been resting, enjoying Paris, going to hear friends read, and finishing up the end of the year at EHESS.

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